2 Podcasts You Should Listen To take your business to the next level

Before I go, let’s finish it up properly with some good resources, what do you think awesome readers ? There are a huge number of free podcast out there, and I listen to a bunch of them in French, English, Italian regardless of the genre, it’s just amazing how much you can learn without moving […]

How Michael Merzenich talk on brain elasticity (almost) saved my life

As soon as I planned for this article, this song keep on popping on my head like crazy, and start changing the words Last night a neuro saved my life Last night a neuro saved my life from a broken mind Last night a neuro saved my life Last night a neuro saved my life […]

2 Easter ideas you should give a chance the week after

grace bailhache easter proposals

Dear readers let’s sing audibly together : « It’s Easter, Easter, gotta get down on Easter… » Of course, nowadays for non Christians Easter has become a highly commercial event, full of chocolate rabbits, decorated Easter baskets and colorful eggs. While for Christians, Easter is a serious holy day, dealing with issues of life and death,  celebrating the […]

3 steps in Preparing your Persuasive Speech

grace bailhache speech steps

I didn’t forget that women’s day and easter are behind the corner, since you guys asked me some out of the box ideas, that why I went through different stages to make my final decision about today’s article, since your interest for all the mentionned topics has the same number of vote. Ultimately, I thought […]

5 tips and tricks to make the most of 2016

grace bailhache tips best year 2016

Dear readers 2016 is here. Happy New Year ! My most important wish for you is that the universe of whatever you call it praise you with health, because without we can’t go nowhere and do nothing. After that, I wish you to hit your financial, your relationship goals, to spend time with your family, […]