About me

Hi, Grace Bailhache here !

It has been an honor and a pleasure to  serve some of you with efficient ways to strategize your ideas and create actionable plans to build and launch your marketing campaign offline and online.

I have been a lucky marketing consultant for the past years until the unexpected happens, I had a cancer in 2013, apparently the Universe have plans for me because we beat it together and I'm still alive and kicking.

My aha moment happens last year, while I was busy with a long-term consulting mission for one of Europe's fastest growing mobile companies, the perfect match with a friendly cosmopolitan team, travels and all that jazz. I should have been the happiest girl in the world considering the economy and I was totally grateful for this opportunity but now I value my time in a different way and I don’t want anymore a fulfilling well paid job, from that moment I knew I had to go after a rewarding business that is a blessing for others.

There are only so many things one can do in a year, so I’ve intentionally limited the scope of where and how I’m focusing my attention. That the reason why I stop the English part of this blog. I no longer need to lead anyone around here to check my expertise.

slide participation loterie solidaire vpbwOn my way to a social enterprise, which purpose will be to help those who help others, I will be using my marketing expertise specially how to build solid funnel to grow an audience and increase revenues to guide non profit and freelancers. My guidance is all about leveraging talents, skills to increase joy and happiness as well as prosperity.

I’m the creator of #AssoSolos2017 a social and solidarity-based economy project, with a central solution offer : a contest with a free word press website price.

With this project, my mission is to engage charity association, non-governmental organization and freelancers who participate to the inclusive lottery in private Facebook groups to expose them to the professional world of marketing and communication strategies, to empower them with opportunities to add a new dynamic to engage customers or sponsors, to execute solutions, and resolve problems while always matching the strong value of a more cooperative and supportive society.

 In 2014, I came across a post about Aoua Keita a figure of the independence movement, syndicalism and feminism in Mali. The International African Women's Day was created at her initiative in 1962.  I  start my tribute on this blog, inspired by her outstanding leadership and by the progress she managed to achieve, despite the many difficulties with which she has to contend.

In 2015, I have create www.journeefemmeafricaine.com the platform where every year, I host  and coordinate "La contribution digitale à la Journee Internationale de la Femme Africaine", a humble online tribute to celebrate International  African Womens day on july 31 by highlighting past and present inspiring african and afro descendants muses of all backgrounds.

The above projects are where I’m focusing my time and attention. If you’re interested in working together in a way that isn’t listed above, alas, I most likely will have to say no.

Would you like to get in touch for an interview ? Or maybe you would love to invite me to speak or moderate at your event ? 

You can do that here. || M&S Contact||

You can also reach my assistant "Beya" at mtp.partner@yahoo.fr, he’ll be able to answer your question by directing you to an article I’ve written, an interview I’ve participated in, or a product I’ve created — or connect you with me if it seems like I can help you reach your goals.

— Grace Bailhache 

One last thing... here is a quick tip on how to easily pronounce my married name Bailhache, the first part "bail" sounds like  the verb "buy" and the second part "hache" is the same than "ash" and when you mixt both of them, you have buyash. See, how easy is it !!!