2 Podcasts You Should Listen To take your business to the next level

Before I go, let’s finish it up properly with some good resources, what do you think awesome readers ? There are a huge number of free podcast out there, and I listen to a bunch of them in French, English, Italian regardless of the genre, it’s just amazing how much you can learn without moving […]

How Michael Merzenich talk on brain elasticity (almost) saved my life

As soon as I planned for this article, this song keep on popping on my head like crazy, and start changing the words Last night a neuro saved my life Last night a neuro saved my life from a broken mind Last night a neuro saved my life Last night a neuro saved my life […]

Last inspirational quote by Billie Jean King

grace bailhache monday quote billie jean king

Yes indeed, as the title of this post indicates, Billie Jean King quote will be the last of a long series. Before exploring further these inspiring words, I own you a quick explanation because it’s been over 9 month since my last blog post…. 9 months…. That’s quite a well-earned break which has somehow turned […]

2 Easter ideas you should give a chance the week after

grace bailhache easter proposals

Dear readers let’s sing audibly together : « It’s Easter, Easter, gotta get down on Easter… » Of course, nowadays for non Christians Easter has become a highly commercial event, full of chocolate rabbits, decorated Easter baskets and colorful eggs. While for Christians, Easter is a serious holy day, dealing with issues of life and death,  celebrating the […]

Grace Bailhache postcards 5 ways to travel around the World

grace bailhache poscard usa sunflower quote george eliot

I asked you  to pick 2 topics for march blog posts and you preferred an article on something personal about me, instead of celebrating international woman’s day? Ooo ! You guys are so amazing….Yes, I’m very passionate about a lot of things but you guys should stop thinking I have a passionnate life. SMILES ! […]