Last inspirational quote by Billie Jean King

grace bailhache monday quote billie jean kingYes indeed, as the title of this post indicates, Billie Jean King quote will be the last of a long series. Before exploring further these inspiring words, I own you a quick explanation because it’s been over 9 month since my last blog post….

9 months….

That’s quite a well-earned break which has somehow turned into a lengthily absence. I was busy with a long-term consulting mission, which I’m totally grateful for, because it’s help me figure out the difference between what I don’t want anymore a unfulfilling well paid job, and what I want a rewarding business that is a blessing for others.

At first, I had thought of writing a single post announcing my decision not to publish in English anymore, then I’ve understood that after such a long relationship between us, it was a very brutal end. That’s the reason, in addition to this one, there will be two last articles.

Now back to Billie Jean King’s quote

« Be bold. If you’re going to make an error, make a doozy, and don’t be afraid to hit the ball. »

Here is the mean reason why I believe in the value of being bold : Clarifying purpose and life priorities. Indeed, when an unexpected diagnosis occurred to me, I had chosen boldness and see the bottle half full in spite of circumstances and medical advice. I chose to leave to the Universe what did not depend on me, and to focus on what I could do. That leads me to ask myself what was important to me, what I would do with my life when I heal. Setting my life priorities definitely helped me persevere and give a reason to persist through difficult times. Officially I am in remission and I still have regular checks to make until 2018, and I keep this boldness mode in my decision-making : every 100 days I set myself small goals to take me a step closer to where I want to be, its forces me to make decisions quickly, even if they need revisions later.

We all experience our fair share of setbacks and disappointments in life, and I’ve found that deciding to be bold empowers me, I feel better, I make more stong decisions and enjoy every single day as a blessing. Being bold has helped me increase my knowledge using those many waiting hours to learn something new, celebrate every accomplishment around the road even the small one, reinforce my belief to nurture my dreams and aspirations.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments on this, you know I appreciate it !

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  1. I never hear of her but I agree. Buon Anno Grace! 🙂 non si deve avvilirsi o perdersi d’animo mai! Ce la faremo tutti! Il 2017 sarà un anno da sognare.

  2. Didn’t face anything that hard Grace but I know what you mean since I have been working on connecting with my higher self too. Happy New Year!!!

  3. pour moi c etait juste une chanson de michael jackson avec laquelle mon frangin m a gave et vla t y pas que tu nous sors de derriere les fagots une vrai de vrai

  4. After more than two decades as a loving wife and mother my life just fall apart I’m so glad 2016 is over and this is just what I needed. Yay be bold and kick ass !! Happy new year!! Blessings to you always

  5. yep va falloir demander du pognon a google vu qu a chaque fois que j viens chez toi il faut que j cherche un truc chez eux

  6. Among the many lessons you brings to us as your reader this is gold Grace. I 💗 you. muahhhhhhhh!! many blessings to you ! Thank you so much for being such a AWESOME friend !

  7. I can really tell what Billie Jean meant by her boldness but I got yours. I am praying and I wish you a fantastic and blessed New Year in 2017, filled with the abundance of all good things to come to you and your loves one!

  8. Happy New Year Grace ! I wish you all the best, health, love, peace and a blessed business in 2017. I love all the extra mails and Mp3 that you do! What a nice treat to have a cup of tea and listen to you. Thank you!

  9. There’s an oldie but a goody proverb that say the exact thing Fortune favors the bold. Thanks for your help and Happy New Years!!

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