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grace bailhache poscard usa sunflower quote george eliotI asked you  to pick 2 topics for march blog posts and you preferred an article on something personal about me, instead of celebrating international woman’s day? Ooo ! You guys are so amazing….Yes, I’m very passionate about a lot of things but you guys should stop thinking I have a passionnate life. SMILES !

So I have tried to make a list of the most frequently asked questions from you and one often came back: what is your biggest personal dream? A nice job? A beautiful house? A sweet family? Yeah! I guess you didn’t wanted me to answer peace over the world, no more starving people and child abuse.

Humm! My biggest dream? It’s a hard one….

Since I have a lot of small goals that I often reach and create others, but I’ve never really considered a big or ge dream. But since you also asked me about my poscards journey, I thought I could mixed all thoses topics for a post, and here we are. I finally made up my mind and what I really like most is travelling. So my big dream is to have a job that allows me to travel ten month a year with my family.

To complete my answer here are the top 5 travel destinations from my 2015 posscrossing collection:

grace bailhache postcard honk kong bruce lee statueN°1: Honk-Kong

This card was sent to me by an Australian guy who knew my interest for martial art. This is my absolute favorite, I was so excited when I received it, I jumped for a minute or two. I’am attracted to this creative city, from what I saw through  Hong Kong movies.

grace bailhache postcard indiaN°2: India

I love this card althought, I never dreamed of going in India. Most  of my friends are crazy about Boollywood movies but, I just can’t rely to anything except maybe the spiritual part such as meditation and also I’m curious about the indian techie jump with « Silicon india Valey ». I would love to see how it’s works there !

grace bailhache postcard chinaN°3: China

Well, some of you guys know, I have lived for 2 years in Beijing when I was a child. I never felt the need to return there. I still like the sound of the language, or rather languages, because there are at least two that I remember so far : the Mandarin and Cantonese. As for dreams destinations around there, I’am more attracted to Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. But I couldn’t resist sharing this «cute» card. I love it so much !

grace bailhache postcard australiaN°4: Australia

Here is another destination totally out of my comfort and crush zone as well.The thing is that I like very much the light of this card and I wanted to make a wink to acquaintances who invited me to visit them to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Good news is that, I no longer regarded Australia as the end of the world but we’re not yet there guys. But I no longer say never, because I’ve learned that, life is full of surprises ! So, wait and see !

grace bailhache postcard maroccoN°5: Morocco

Some of you may remember that that I was in Morocco in 2013. This short video filmed with my iphone and a small camera was posted on the blog sidebar for one week. You should recognize two elements listed on the postcard. Let me know if you did. So it was a nice stay but I picked this card most of all the kind words written behind. As for African continent, except for my own, I’m more attracted by Kenya, Nigeria, Ivorian Coast, Senegal and Egypt.

Let me know what’s are your top dreams destinations ? What are your favorite treats when you travel ?

Can’t wait to read your comments ! Enjoy your week !

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  1. My dream is to reach the paradis to serve the lord even there. I still want to go to Paris with my husband we never had a proper honeymoon.

    1. Well Heather, as you always says HE’S ABLE, so I believe that one day you guys will be at the right place, at the right time for this traval to happen. Until then, all my best to you and family.

  2. Hi Grace,
    You don’t want a beautiful house and a sweet family? I don’t believe you every woman I have date wanted this. Skating everywhere I go is my only special treat is it ok for you ?

  3. I dream to pack a few clothes in a backpack and left my home country to travel the world I want to visit first Europe, Paris, Italy, London and after everywhere I can go. I want to learn french with you, dance and laugh with you.

  4. Great list Grace! I have had several countries on my ‘list’ for years…but now I’ll go where the most high God will guide me. Stay blessed.

  5. My special treat is culture, I’am a big fan of cultural travels and getting to know the all the side of a country.

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