On my way to united states to Boston and New-York (1)

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Travelling is one of my passion. I have travel the world since I’m six years old but I have never been in america. For years, I have refuse all the invitation, for work, personal or so ever. And now, I’m actually on my way to Boston, I should be in Zurich right now and this post has been set up before my travel. Actually I will stay in Brockton to be precise. This travel in the US is my first one in this continent and it’s not an easy trip. It’s a challenge, because I have always had a kind of fear of the violence and also a personal lost years ago. But as I told you while setting my goals for 2013, I have choose to follow one of Les Brown’s advice « let the past go or it will drag you down ». In a way Taking action now by going to Boston it’s a new step for me to Let go of old apprehensions that are holding me back. Knowing a place from abroad isn’t really knowing  it, so I’m going to build my own memories of this travel to Boston and New-York. Since the big apple will be more a quick stay, I didn’t really focus on it, I just hope I’ll have the time to see the statue of liberty, ground zero, time square and most of all  the « Museum Mile, » the mile long stretch of Fifth Avenue that is filled with some of New York City’s greatest museums. But here are some of the places I think I’ll hang out to in Boston, found them while searching the web.

grace bailhache brockton public libraryThe Brockton Public library is on top of my list, I want to see how a typical public american small library works and maybe working there from time to time.

grace-bailhache-boston-center-adult-educationThe Boston center for adult education has several programs that are really interested. I found them while looking for a sunday brunch or some wine tasting, can’t remember.

grace bailhache newton community educationI came accross the Newton community education quite the same way then for the BCAE, and I was amazed by the quality and the diversity of the courses. They gave me an idea that I have submit as a project to them. Fortunately I had a negative answer for that, but still, I plan to go to a course I wish to follow there.

grace bailhache new-england tango academyAs a tango lover, I picked the New england tango academy place, the website is very well done, pratical, even if I don’t really understand if they have visitors plans or not. I will see

grace bailhache tango boston milesSecond choice for dancing with Tango in Boston, falmouth & Woods hole. I really appreciated the website presentation, Miles philosophy reminds me of my first teacher Andrea she’s still teaching in Paris and you can hear and feel argentina in her moves.

Here are my first opening to Boston guys, now I can’t wait to be there.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the link on Facebook. I know this was a challenge for you but you made a commitment to succeed, so keep up the good work!


    1. Hey thanks for the compliment. Well back in US you mean ? I have absolutely no idea, but we could talk about it, skype me anytime.

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