Sarah Waters writer of the year

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Actually from time to time, I buy papers and magazine from abroad, Uk, United states and Italy. The U.K Glamour’s July issue gave me such a thrill, when I found out the Scarlett Russell article about Sarah Waters being elected woman writer of the year by the magazine. I really fell for her style when I first red « Affinity ». My godness, I just regret my engish wasn’t good enough to be able to read her directly in english but the translation was just perfect.

Sarah Waters knows how to tell a story in a perfect style and you just go for it and travel in her world. After thatI immediatly order to my bookshop  Tipping the velvet and Fingersmith. I litteraly adore Tipping the velvet. But actually, I start the Fingersmith last summer and didn’t finish it. I’ll probably made an indigestion, too much, too quickly and suddenly I couldn’t make it. I went elsewhere. Anyway thanks to this article, I remember that I really admire her work, and bravo to the photographer Jane Mcleish Keisey, she reveals Waters beauty as I never saw it before.

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