How to avoid those 3 words Threat to Your prospecting and sales effort

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What better way to answer your questions ? Updating and republishing an article originally publishedthat will help you. How to avoid those 3 words Threat to Your prospecting and sales effort was originally published in july 2013. Hopefully you’ll get a chance to improve your effort. In person or over the phone, nothing is more important […]

4 mistakes to avoid with your crowdfunding campaign

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 Crowdfunding isn’t a magic well of money. It’s just a new way to raise it. I recently post an article in french to define this new way. Even if most of you in England, in the US, Australia or New Zeland who follows seems to be familiar with it, we still need to define it […]

4 Incredibly Simple prospecting techniques of Productive entrepreneurs

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The key goal in prospecting is to set an appointment or gain a referral lead. The prospecting tips and techniques described here are the result of years of experience in  almost every conceivable marketing environment. For those of you who have committed to or find yourself in the position of having to prospect for new […]

Mindset serie (2) : vision board

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Dear readers, after the « gratitude journal », here is the second part of my mindset series, and we will address « the vision board ».  To maintain consistency, I will approach this topic with the same questions as the previous one. First things first what is a vision board ? If you don’t know it yet is a […]