How to get a Short Facebook URL in 60 Seconds

During my last stroll on Facebook I get this question and it wasn’t the first time, I have been already ask by mail and answered the same way, which wasn’t a good idea. In fact, I rather post about it so that everyone could find it somehow. If you already knows that, fine for you, but I keep on seing Facebook page with hundred of fans and with this inappropriate url for business.

How to define a business personality ?

grace bailhache business personality

I told about this subject on my facebook page but quiet briefly as always. The fact is that the blog remains the best to save a subject that matters to me. I’am working who hire me to help her on her business marketing strategy. Thing is that we have a lot to do, but we already made a step by working on how she could define her business personality.

Top 5 Tips for Professional Bloggers

Well I’m not a professional blogger, meaning, I don’t blog for a living, but I have a create a blog in order to promote a small business. Still I don’t intend to work only in my geographical aera, I have planned to look around and see what the world is doing and inspired myself to adapt things to my work, skills and goals.

My Top 5 Places To Find Stuff To Tweet

grace bailhache best stuff tweet

For of the moment, instead of answering several mails who ask the same question, I rather post it in the blog. Here we go lately, I have received questions from bloggers who tweet both in french and english who asked me about finding great stuff to tweet about. So here are my top 5 places and it’s up to you to find yours ways and maybe add some more.