2 Podcasts You Should Listen To take your business to the next level

Before I go, let’s finish it up properly with some good resources, what do you think awesome readers ?

There are a huge number of free podcast out there, and I listen to a bunch of them in French, English, Italian regardless of the genre, it’s just amazing how much you can learn without moving out of your home nowadays. When its come to marketing, the offer in french and Italian is not as vivid as in English and although I appreciate some episodes of AskPat by Pat Flynn, The Tim Ferriss Show, Seth Godin’s Startup School, Entrepreneur On Fire, Small Business Big Marketing,Building a Story Brand awesome podcast that provide fresh and highly actionable marketing advice, two of them are my favorite of all time meaning that they are the only one that I could actually pay to listen to : Online Marketing Made Easy by Amy Porterfield and Social Media Marketing by Michael Stelzner.

Of course, I’am about content and all the podcast mentioned above are high quality for sure, and they will definitely help anyone who is looking to evolve and grow into a successful entrepreneur to get to the final line.
What Amy Porterfield and Michael Stelzner have in common that provide me the Wow experience is :

The perfect voice, not too loud, never aggressive, pushing  or boring, elegant that the right word to describe how they appears to me.

– Honest, personal, they both take us along with them and they even made me enjoy a guest that actually I didn’t in the first place.

– They always provide us with a variety of remarkable guests who helps us increase our knowledge so that our businesses continue to thrive.our knowledge so that our businesses continue to thrive.

For Online Marketing Made Easy : The art and the science of a brilliant sale page episode #113 and #114 with Melanie Duncan have been a game change for me as soon as I implanted some tips. Listen the podcast here Amy Portefield

For Social Media Marketing : Episode #200 with Michael Hyatt diving into his book launch and Episode #211 with Donald Miller around storytelling are just aaamazinggg ! Check out the podcast here Michael Stelzner

Thanks to the new technology, I bring Amy Porterfield and Michael Stelzner with me everywhere and what I have learned with them so far is  that, the more you are willing to stretch and challenge yourself, the more you have to gain over the long term.

Your turn dearest ! Are you a podcast listener ? Which ones ? When and how often do you listen to them ? Would you considered creating one ? Here are some of the questions we could discuss in the comments bellow… 

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