2 Easter ideas you should give a chance the week after

grace bailhache easter proposalsDear readers let’s sing audibly together : « It’s Easter, Easter, gotta get down on Easter… » Of course, nowadays for non Christians Easter has become a highly commercial event, full of chocolate rabbits, decorated Easter baskets and colorful eggs. While for Christians, Easter is a serious holy day, dealing with issues of life and death,  celebrating the day Jesus arose from the dead after the Crucifixion. My Easter mission was all about locating and snatching the golden egg filled with ideas to implement at work the week after. 2 challenges you’re facing, 2 Easter ideas to get them fixed  !

  #1 The Easter Bunny to get your Mojo back 

Of course, there’s no one answer that works for everyone, since each entrepreneur’s personality and business model is different, so each of you will have your own individual journey. That been said, you all bound to hit a rock in the middle of the road and its  happens to more entrepreneurs than you think: you are definetely not alone use the Easter Bunny power to get your Mojo back babe ! Why and how ?

Why : The Easter Bunny also called the Easter Rabbit or Easter Hare is a folkloric figure and symbol of Easter, depicted as a rabbit bringing Easter eggs. Originating among German Lutherans, the « Easter Hare » originally played the role of a judge, evaluating whether children were good or disobedient in behaviour at the start of the season of Eastertide.

How : role play babe ! You gonna play the role of a judge of yourself to identify what is your mojo exactly, what droves you when your started, and then you might consider to focus on the reasons why you loose your Mojo. Because only then you’ll be able to fix the problem. You might consider finding a mentor to help you out on this.

grace bailhache easter ideas #2 The Basket of Eggs to celebrate your team efforts

As many leaders out there, you have a healthy sense of self-worth, Everyone knows it’s you’ve got money on your mind. you’re focused on success, competition, and winning whatever the game is, big or small but your team is no longer following, they feel unfulfilled, aimless, and underutilized. Face it if you want a change : It’s no longer about you !

Why : Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are decorated eggs that are often given to celebrate Easter or springtime.  Use this symbolism to make a major chance necessary for the good of the enterprise.

How : Step back the ‘leadership ego’ and use those three keys from Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson One minute manager book. Start with One minute Praise, yes actually things are going wrong, but nothing is all black or right. So find one element, each of your team do properly and praise them immedialy, tell them telling what they did right, how you feel about it and encourage them to do more of the same. Then switch to One minute goals setting to remind them of what is expected from the beginning.  Last but not least, this is the part you were wiling to from the start the One minute reprimands. Now be careful because there two parts in this segment. On the first half, you will tell your team, what they did wrong, how you feel about it. Then in the second half you tell the people how much you think they are capable of and how much you value them.

Anyway, those are my two Easter ideas to implement at work next week, let me know your favorite one between them or add your own in the comments section. 

Happy Monday Easter folks, hopefully you have a good sunday easter treat !

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  1. Hey Grace,

    I even can’t explain How much I love your all contents (Including this one) You always come up with something unique, Which is the best thing I love. Now talking about this post I need to know more about this book.

    Happy Easter!:) I hope you had a great one with your loved ones!

    1. Glad you find some value on this post Jordan. What do you mean exactly by a proper review ? My thoughts ? My experiences ? Etc…. Let me know so that I could give you the best answers.

  2. Great post Grace. I have heard about this book but I never search deep into it so this content was new and valuable to me. I will see to find a french version. Thanks for sharing

  3. Same to you too Happy Easter!! Thanks for the greeting Grace.

    For me there’s a bit more to the easter story than just chocolate eggs, I like that you say that easter traditions have their roots far back in history.

    Nel 2011 ho avuto modo di leggere questo libro « the One Minute Manager »… Funziona!


    1. Luca, you’re much welcome. I’m honored by your constant support dear. Of course, as a believer you rely to it.

      Well, I would love to hear more from you since you’ve read the one minute too….
      Keep me posted about it please !

  4. Goop article Grace. I also highly recommend One Minute Manager Meets the Monkey to use the four rules of Monkey Management to avoid doing other people’s work.
    You should enlight the book elements you provide for more efficiency.

  5. Easter is one of the biggest holidays of the spring season I knew you would not miss it. Can I found this book in french ? So you like Austin Power too baby:-)

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