2 timeless lessons from Jim Rohn

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Dear readers it’s still summer season here in France and still the perfect time to highligt some old topics I wrote when I start blogging and that you might not seen. Today, I chose to discuss a quote from Jim Rohn, if you do not know him, I  listened lot of Jim Rohn videos on your tube, he’s a great inspiration that’s why I often mentionned him on the blog but also on my Facebook page. In his speaches,  Jim Rohn makes so many references to the Bible and his take on it is so easy to understand, like this one for instance that you should considered whether you’re in food service, retail, hospitality, or selling a servic  the health of your business may be directly concerned by Ecclesiastes 3 ‘A Time for Everything,’ a Bible passage. This time Jim Rohn didn’t refere to this passage but to the law of the nature, to the season of the farm when he says : 

   … Unlike the farmer whose priorities change with the seasons, we have become impervious to the natural rhythm of life.  Learn to use the seasons of life. Decide when to pour it on and when to ease back,                         when to take advantage and when to let things ride. ….  Keep your eye on your own seasons, lest you lose sight of value and substance….

1. Decide when to pour it on and when to ease back : There is more than a lesson here for me. Each business operates in different seasons, identified by actual seasons, months or special events. It’s essential for each business to identify its own business cycle; the financial peaks and lows throughout the year.

2. Keep your eye on your own seasons : “Everyone” is not you, and every small business is not like yours either. Don’t listen to the “conventional wisdom”, follow your own agenda, do what you have to do, at the right time, the right season. Manage cash flow,  start marketing efforts for next season,  maximize your workforce,  give your business a financial check up,  plan and prepare and diversify your product or service.

Those timeless lessons lead to this conclusion : if you are thinking strategically, your business can ride the roller coaster and benefit from the ups and downs.

Let me know on the comments bellow what you think about this quote, do you follow your own seasons ? Can’t wait to discuss all that with you !

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30 commentaires sur “2 timeless lessons from Jim Rohn

  1. It’s very close to the famous There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens Grace ?

  2. Jim Rohn is the best when it’s come to hard work and personal responsibility. One of my favorite quote of him is when he said, “You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.”


  3. Please give me some good links of his videos Grace. I still have to consider to change my priorities with the seasons. Too many times I’m caught by surprise.

  4. I was suggested his website by my cousin last june and now you mention him Grace. How do you know him, are you doing MLM as well?

    1. Not at all Guillaume. I don’t remember how or when I discover his work to be honnest. I’m glad you knew him.

  5. You know my opinion on this Grace. We can not control the economic climate, it will change, as will our business. We are in charge to apply the understanding of the four seasons to our business.

    1. Huge question Riccardo because it’s depends on the topic. Can you tell me more about it ? Skype me dear !

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