3 christmas party games that’ll take you back to third grade

chirstmas party ideas

Can’t remember if I told that I do some scholarships volunteer work for chidren and adults. Last Halloween, I signed up to help for a classroom party and it’s was so fun that I did it again for christmas. That how I came accross this topic and thought I’d share that with you. some ideas I didn’t use for kids but who could perfectly fit an holiday christmas party. Need some christmas party games ideas at office or at entrepreneur home? Here are 3  christmas party games ideas for fun that’ll take your guest back to third grade.

grace bailhache christmas guess songThe christmas  guess song

This is an excellent addition to the fun.
Before : Prepare your list of christmas song title, then exchanged them for synonymous, homonymous, paronym or opposite.
During : Read each of the synonymous christmas song titles aloud to your guests and have them compete to be the first to guess the correct title. Award small prizes for each correct answer or award points and give one larger prize to the person with the most correct answers at the end of the game.

Samples title :
Noisy day
The guy with all the game
The worst moment of the year
Do you understand what I understand

How many christmas song titles can you decipher?

grace bailhache christmas pictionaryThe Christmas pictionary

This is one of my favorites, I do it almost every year. Peope get into it and it will keep them going for a good hour.
Before : Print the names of popular christmas  items on index cards (one item per card) and place upside down in your game area. (Slips of paper can be folded and placed in a bowl instead.) If you’re hosting a large party, you’ll need a chalk board or a white board so that everyone can see. If there are 10 or less you could sit around a table and use paper.
During : Divide your guests into two teams. Have one team member come up and pick a card and start drawing hints for her team to guess. If after a set time her team can’t guess, allow the other team to guess. Score points accordingly. Go from one team to the next till all of the christmas items have been used.
Sample items : gifts, Santa Claus, nativity, snowman, jingle bells, snowball fight, angel

grace bailhache christmas murder party kill santaMystery murder party or  Who kills Santa ?

This Christmas version of  classic who kills is perfect ‘clean’ mystery game for a Christmas party game at office or at entrepreneur home.

Before : choose theatrical characters that will be entertaining and easy for the guests to play.     Murderer while making the character cards, assign one as the murderer. Assign the character some background and mark the card with a star or other emblem. Use that star to indicate more information on the bottom of the card, explaining how to « kill » someone. You might place red sticker on the victim’s card, whisper in the victim’s ear or give some other sign. That way, when the murderer goes to take the victim, he knows he should to pretend to die so the rest of the guests can decipher the clues. Clues are an important part of a murder mystery party. They should be left on the bodies of the murderer’s victims and should be ambiguous snippets about the murderer’s identity. It might be a riddle about the murderer’s profession, location or appearance.

During : Explain the rules to all of the guests before the game begins so that they know what to do if they are « killed. »As the host, quickly place the clue on the « body » before the rest of the guests come to investigate.

The Winner :   The person who wins the game is the person who correctly identifies the murderer. It’s a good idea to hand out plastic handcuffs to all of the guests, so they can slap the handcuffs on the person they think is guilty. However, if they are wrong and accuse someone who is innocent, they should have a penalty, such as to not be able to view the next clue or another penalty that will handicap their participation. The winner who correctly identifies the killer should win a prize.

What are you planning to do ? Share what fun ideas you’re going to create. If you had to choose one of those games which would it be ?

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16 commentaires sur “3 christmas party games that’ll take you back to third grade

  1. I don’t think the murder party is appropriate for christmas but I like the topic. I’ll choose the guess song. Very beautiful picture at last a black christmas santa. Plans ? Home with my family as usual

    1. Ooooo why not dear Alphonsyne ? Yes, I know at least one song, that you’ll choose. Anyway, for stopping by !
      No guess for the songs game ?

    1. You should try it one day, it’s not that difficult, if you’re into thriller books and movies, you can easily organize something Isobel…The pictionary is also a good good fun, especially when you have a team who disagree….No I shouldn’t say that….Smiles !

  2. Great Post! It’s easy to forget that Christmas is not celebrate everywhere, by everyone and preparing outside of home it’s also can be fun. We always have one of our kid home for christmas, now that they all have families, it’s by turn.


  3. You make christmas so much fun Grace. Who kills Santa is the most interesting for me. For the first time after years of fight, we gonna celebrate Christmas together my ex wife and the kids, her new fiancé and my girl friend. It’s gonna be very strange but I’ll see.

    1. That a wonderful compliment Philippe. Thank you so very much for getting it. Wow, that very good, I’m so happy for you…I can’t wait to have more details, email me. I’m sure, your girls will remember that Christmas.

    1. Humm…Gérald. Je ne fais volontairement pas la distinction, car le but de ces « parties » en entreprise ou hors de l’entreprise (pour des créateurs qui font du networking par exemple,) c’est de toucher la part de l’enfant qui est en nous. Même la murder party…Oui car les enfants adorent se faire peur en général, et les contes (en tout cas les classiques des grimm et compagnie) sont très cruels quand on y pense.

    1. Merci Gerald, comme toujours, j’ai exploré la thématique jusqu’au bout…Mon lectorat est semble t-il plus masculin, alors je m’adapte….SouRIRES !

  4. Great effort, even greater admiration for relentless pursuit of typing. It’s very important to stay grounded and constantly improve the creativity
    I love the way you break down each post. My favorite would be the murder party. Keep it up Grace

    1. Heather thanks for the kind words of support. I think people should always practice what they preach! Take good care dear !

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