Jump into Alice’s wonderland for Postcard Friendship Friday #178

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It’s friday guys and I can’t tell you how I’ll be so happy to have just a little rain now because I’m close to agony lately too hot, dry, it’s seems like even water isn’t enough to keep us in shape. Anyway, everything isn’t so bad since we have our Postcard Friendship Friday « rright ? After Neuchatel’s roses last week, it’s a complete change today because, I’m sharing with you the first card I have received from Postcrossing. Yes !

grace bailhache postcard stamp new mexicoThis Alice came to me from US with a lovely mexican stamp and apparently I wasn’t yet used to this website and I didn’t noticed the sender message asking about it. Ten days after the arrival of my first card sent you to Russia, I was very sad, but then tandannnn ! Alice came and since I’m so happy to received cards from strangers but postcards lovers like me. Isn’t it cool ?

Do jump there to see the cards everyone has bring and of course I’ll put on the link for you to join or to follow here Postcard Friendship Friday!

Postcard friday friendship

Happy friday to you !

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21 commentaires sur “Jump into Alice’s wonderland for Postcard Friendship Friday #178

  1. What is exactly this postcrossing you talk about Grace ? Do you know the number one lesson from this tale for the business ? Good friday to you too. Tomorrow is a good day for facebook.


    1. Hello coach, I’m so late to answer here, but I saw this comment and sent you the link of the french postcrossing group on FB, it’s very simple and people are friendly. The goal of Postcrossing is very simple, it’s to connect the world via real mail, by allowing you to exchange postcards with other random members around the world.

    1. Hello Deborah, well, it’s amazing how hot is it and how I wish the rain dance from the indian really exist, too bad…It’s doesn’t work, I have try one….Smiles !

  2. My daughter will be happy to received Alice in Wonderland as a card. It’s not very original to send this when you are in US did you ask for her in particular ? Bon week end apparemment c’est repos ? Philippe the White Rabbit

    1. Wouaf wouaf wouaf qui l’eût cru mais Philippe, tu devrais être en vacances plus souvent, tu es hi…LA…RANT…Well, I’m sure that the best dad in the word will send her one while you are with her, so that when she will come home she find it…what do you think ?

    1. Hello Violet, nice to read you here again, well thanks for the compliment. No, it’s been more or less one month that I’m postcrossing.

  3. The Postcard Friendship Party sounds like fun. Could be a day I try it but I have my hands full now. I like the cards you showed and I am sure yours that you sent were very nice. I still have my ham radio QSL cards that I got back in the 1950’s. For most of them I also sent on in return or first. Every now and then I get the box open and look at them all.
    Jim Articles récents..Succinctly-YoursMy Profile

    1. Oh thank you for sharing this Jim. Well I hope they were, I have one card selected as favorite for now, I’m just starting postcrossing and I really like sending and receiving postcard, I didn’t ask for specifics one, but your box seems to be a real « treasure box. Humm…

  4. Grace I’m not familiar with Alice’s adventures and I don’t know much about Lewis Carroll. It’s a nice card but very simple.

    1. Alice’s adventures begin when she follows the White Rabbit down the rabbit-hole. He is a messenger and a herald at the Court of the King and Queen of Hearts. He wears a waist-coat and carries a pocket watch.
      Lewis Carroll was a pseudonym. His real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, He was an author, photographer, mathematical lecturer and as an ordained Anglican deacon, a Reverend » He wrote Alice Through The Looking Glass in 1871, it was also here, during a rowing trip with the three young daughters of the Dean of Christ Church, that Carroll shared his imaginary « Wonderland » with the outside world. Having told the children about the adventures of his « little heroine », one of them, the sister called Alice, asked him to write them down, which he duly did, finishing the manuscript on 10 February 1863.Encouraged by friend and author of fairy stories George MacDonald, whose children also loved the tales, and novelist Henry Kingsley , Carroll set about having the story « Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland » published. In later life, Carroll confounded popular opinion, by denying Alice Liddell, the child who begged him to write the stories down, was ever the inspiration for the character « Alice » in his books. (SIC) check Wikipedia to see the real Alice you will be surprise.

  5. Hi Grace!

    I’m back 🙂 Just posted an entry on my blog and mentioned you on it 🙂

    I’ll also send you an email re postcard swap so pls watch out for it on your inbox.

    Cheers from Manila,
    Maria Articles récents..Love-ly catsMy Profile

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