4 gifts for father’s day that money can’t buy

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Father’s Day is right around the corner. And I wanted to tell you something you already know: some dads are so easy to shop for: bow tie, baseball tickets, iTunes gift card.  And then there are the other dads who require days devoted to thinking of some clever and unexpected Father’s Day gift ideas. If you’re on the hunt for a Father’s Day gift this June, I won’t give you another compilation of products, another ultimate guide that your dad (or husband) will surely like for father’s day. Last month, I made a survey asking to all my male friends (age 25 to 60, diverses category from Grandpa to married dad, divorced dad , single dad,  to father in law) what were their favorite father’s day gift ever ?  I found that 85 percent of fathers picked a non-commercial gift. The good news is that money wasn’t  the problem, in fact, they absolutely dig thoses « non » gifts because he was what they really, really wanted and needed at that time.

Here are some of the most thoughtful non commercial gift « stories » I have collected to inspires you.

father day free ideas gifts Gift N°1) Enlargement of a picture of my dad and me. 

I lost my dad when I was 15 years old, I rarely talk about him. Two years ago, I became father and much in my life has changed. I have my office at home, and she installed the picture of a smiling father holding happy and excited baby boy. Now I can my dad everyday  and my wife made me the most beautiful gift for my first father’s day.

Gift N°2) Time to decompress
For ten years now, my wife offers me the night before father’s day to decompress alone. She takes our 4 kids to her parents house to spend time with the only grand-father left and this extra time is the best gift ever for me.

Gift N°3) Tennis Legend Jimmy Connors autograph
I’m not a collector, my wife and I have been married for 25 years now and I’m a pride father of 3. But my best father’s day gift was made by my wife 23 years ago. I don’t how she did it, but not only I have Jimmy’s autograph but also his voice wishing me good luck for the new born. She knew I was too shy to ask for it, and I knew that I would love this women till death tears us apart

Gift N°4) A week-end to do things my way

Seven years ago, my wife and me had a huge argument about me not doing the exact things with the new baby. It was during father’s day week and he couldn’t communicate. It’s was a hard time. But everything changes the day before father’s day, she offers me a single flower and a little card in which she had wrote, from now, I will do my best at least for this week-end to let you do thing your way, and only your way, without  criticism. I can tell that this gift is the best gift of my life and I know that it’s very very hard for my wife.

What about you, are you ready for Father’s Day 2013 on Sunday, June 16th ? What is the best non-commercial gift you’ve ever received, and why?

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  1. I have see a lot of articles with poorly written and confusing content on this subject. It’s nice to see that you have a knack for writing engaging content that’s clear, interesting and smart even about fatherhood and father’s day.


  2. How long have you been blogging for Grace ? you made blogging look easy. Those tales are quite excellent. I will definitely think about it to honor the old man.

    1. Hey dear. Well, 4 or five years for others but less for myself. Well, it’s a nice compliment, thank you.

  3. Wow big boss, amazing post the pics are just awesome. Very inspiring but as you know it father’s day was more grandpa day for me. But today is different, not so easy with 2 dads for my kids, but it’s okay.

    1. You’re welcome sweetie, and I just fell in love with those images, still Istock. Well doing the best we can it’s the minimum, and I know you do.

  4. I don’t have the chance of those dads but it’s not a issue, my kid loves me and now I can see him more often it’s my gift from his mother. Maybe with you it’s could be different ?

    1. Well love is all that matters after all dear ! With me ? , I didn’t knew you thought about me that way. Well only god knows !

  5. You know what Grace your blog is already full of topics to be used for the new channel like this one what do you think ?

    1. Very good indeed Isobel, so many topics, so little time. Thank you very very much for helping me out with this. Really, you’re awesome !

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