Bailhache’s facebook page celebrate father’s day

grace bailhache facebook welcome page father dayAs a small business branding on Facebook with my name Grace Bailhache, I must confess that creativity can be taught when you want to get the most of your facebook page, by sharing knowledge and entertaining your fans. One of my choice this year was to use more the facebook cover timeline to be creative and have more interacting proposals for the fans to come out and play. This month Father’s day holiday will be my breadcrumb to reach the start of summer by celebrating the contribution that fathers and father figures make for their children’s lives.  It wasn’t the case for mother’s day, but this year I will be able to celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday of June for all the fans. Now you are lucky my fellow readers, because, you will discover the facebook timeline cover before everyone, isn’t it cool ? 

grace bailhache facebook timeline cover father dayNow what do you say ? If you do like it ? Come and joins us…my facebook page isn’t a daily information, daily offer, daily sales one, it’s a place to learn while partying

We all have a wellspring of creative energy, so what are your facebook inspiration for father’s day ?

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    1. Well, I had a year vision for Facebook too, the idea comes just like that when I know what I want to share with my fans.

  1. Finally for us what is in for father tell me the surprise I love your assistante they are very sexy. What are their names ?


    1. Of course, there’s a time for everyone on my facebook page. I never reveal the surprise but you will be so just wait and see. My assistant ? What do you mean ? My 3 avatars ? You are really funny my dear.

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