5 Creative Ways To Make Your Blog Popular

creative ways blog popularI found out this article 50 Creative Ways To Make Your Blog Popular on the Top Seo Tricks Posted by Ronnie as Tips for Bloggers. Great job but actually I just ask myself  isn’t it too much ? But it always cool to share it, so take say that I’m gonna take them five by five and see what I found relevant or not to try in my particular situation and what could be useful to advice for some clients. So here are the five first creative ways to make your blog popular and you can find the picture I use on Istockphoto

1. Start a controversy. Just remember not to cross the line.
Actually there’s not so much to contest in my business, but who knows, I will say good idea.

2. Start a contest. Make sure to end it too.
Same feeling then the first advice. I’ll be more into challenges of course if the meaning what that, but not into fight. My opinion is start it, if you can handle it.

3. Give away free goodies. People love them.
Wondeful idea to follow.

4. Write about other bloggers to interest their visitors to read your blog. Keep it positive.
I already did it for a client and it work and worth it.

5. Dress up your blog often (By dress-up I mean tweaking the design)
Well since I don’t have to go into the css, it a good idea to follow indeed.

Now it’s your turn!  How do you feel about those creative ways : boom or bust ? What others ideas can you figure out to make your blog better?

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  1. hey cibi how’s goin’outhere? Well it quiet the same then for the forum right I mean u already know all that don’t u ?

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