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grace bailhache blogWelcome in my place. Writing from time to time in english is the only I found to improve my english and to get connecting to you guys from every part of the world. So where do we start ? By introducing myself !

First of all, I’m a french woman named Grace Bailhache.  I’m starting my homeshoring business, two years after moving here in Savoie from Paris my city. Before that, I worked in the marketing business for almost ten years as a outsourcer marketing supervisor in France, Italy and Holland.

I enjoy reading, music, reading, theatre, movies, world travel and of course blogging.

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        1. indeed miss K she’s one of the kind were u part of the babel’s forum ? i can’t remember you maybe you had another signature ? see yah

          1. @ Kaye : thank you so much

            @ Robin : Robin, Kaye is the blog designer, I just met her, oops ! well, let say that we are connected for work since last summer now. So..

  1. WOW cibi fab fab fab what a come back, just get everywhere on the blog several times, and its great. And you are still as WOW as ever, cant wait to work again with u, dont u think you’ll kill your business with blogging it take so much time i gave away four year ago it’s become an addiction to increase the blog traffic and no business was leading for us at that time. now you’ll see how we work. When will u come by ? did u get any news from the babel’s friends ? Keep up the good work, YOU have been missed xoxoxX

      1. Hey big boss cibi welcome back so glad to read you again. Can’t wait to read your topic about the facebook and wallstreet movie girl. It is evident that Val has made a conscious decision to live the lifestyle of a cheating unfaithful man. Just wish his fiance is able to live with his decision. Narc is such a wonderful man. You’re so lucky to have him as your best. Rob

  2. OMG totally forget this post. How so ? Can’t remember this pic. First when there’s nothing but a slow glowing dream that your fear seems to hide deep inside…Remember big boss ?

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